Press construction

Hydraulic cylinders are used as shaping, aligning, forging and bending presses in hydraulic presses, for example. Decades of experience in cylinder manufacture ensures smooth operation under enormous forces wherever material is brought into shape.


For use in the steel industry, in vehicle or aircraft manufacture, the timber industry or when manufacturing plastics, HydroService delivers individual designs and provides you with special hydraulic cylinders in special shapes or as standard designs.

Our experienced designers in press construction create a precise design for the cylinder which must be able to withstand enormous dynamic loads in use. The cylinders are operated with peak pressures of up to 600 bar.


We offer our customers complete system solutions with the associated hydraulic units and controllers. We would be delighted to advise you.


  • Press units / cylinders
  • Special and project-related cylinders
  • Large cylinders (up to 1200 mm in diameter and with lengths of up to 12 m)