Internship at HydroService

HydroService offers internships for students. The aim is to learn how to implement the taught skills into practice and to gain the relevant knowledge. We integrate our interns fully into our daily work, matching upcoming projects and tasks to the relevant area of study.


HydroService offers internship places for a period of six months or more.



Along with a high degree of initiative, we expect our interns to have knowledge in the desired internship field as well as being able to use conventional PC software. Foreign language skills are also desirable.


We look forward to receiving your application!

Diploma thesis/ bachelor thesis

Examples of successful final theses which have been completed in our company:


"Materialflussoptimierung in der Einzelfertigung von Hydraulikzylindern" (Metal flow optimisation in individual manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders)

Henning Gestring

University: 2007 FH Dortmund 

Result: submitted successfully

"Konfiguration und Einbindung eines CAD/CAM-Systems zur Optimierung der NC-Fertigung" (Configuration and integration of a CAD/CAM system to optimise NC manufacturing)

Alexander Pape

University: 2008 FH Dortmund

Result: submitted successfully

"Konstruktion einer Demontagevorrichtung für eingeschraubte Zylinderköpfe" (Design of a dismantling device for screwed-in cylinder heads)

Benjamin Büttner

University: 2009 (in progress) FH Dortmund

"Konstruktion einer mobilen, durchmesservariablen Lager-Montagevorrichtung für Gelenkköpfe an Hydraulikzylindern" (Design of a mobile, variable-diameter bearing assembly device for rod ends on hydraulic cylinders)

Christian Schauer

University: 2009 (in progress) FH Dortmund